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Patient Care

Patient Care

We provide excellence in patient care by providing care that goes beyond simply administering treatment. Patients that come to us are individuals that have hopes, dreams, families, and loved ones --and we strive to minimize the impact that disease has on their lives. At Optimum Clinical Research, every patient has a story, every patient is family, and we are honored to be a part of their journey.



Our providers educate the next generation of caregivers through a partnership with UNM’s fellowship, residency, PA, and CNM’s allied health programs whose students rotate with and learn from our providers. As we grow, our clinical researchers will train new clinical researchers with the creation of a clinical research internship program for college and high-school students.



Teamwork is at the heart of what we do. We believe that the best research happens with exceptional teamwork, which is why we have assembled a deeply experienced, collaborative, and committed team with a single purpose: Making tomorrow's treatments available today because patients can’t wait.



Through strategic partnerships, Optimum Clinical Research Group is proud to bring the latest advancements in science, surgery, diagnostics, treatment, patient care, and phase I-IV therapeutic clinical trials to the community. We are paving the way in New Mexico for new innovative drugs and treatments by providing access to clinical trials, including access to trials in precision medicine so providers can tailor treatments to the individual person. We are constantly pushing the envelope, engaging in new clinical trials, and advancing research in patient care as we address the whole person through innovations in patient outcomes, integrative therapeutics, exercise, and environmental medicine.

We have made heavy investments in a state-of-the-art facility including a fully equipped clinical research dedicated lab with a -80 & -20 freezer, lab-grade refrigerator, refrigerated & ambient centrifuge, microcentrifuge, incubator, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, and tissue banking ability. Our class B1 pharmacy includes two Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator Hoods and the ability to store IMP at ambient, refrigerated, -20, and -80 temperatures. Our site is future-focused with the adoption of a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant fully integrated eSource, eReg, CTMS, eRecruitment platform- CRIO (Clinical Research IO)  ensuring efficiency, compliance, and real-time data collection. We work with both Advarra and WCG-WIRB IRB’s and are biotherapy approved by the NIH and Gene Therapy Ready through Advarra’s Institutional Biosafety Committee.

Meet Our Team

Katy Chalamidas,

Executive Director, Clinical Research

Chad Erickson MS, CCRC

Research Quality Assurance and Business Optimization Consultant

Chasiti Travis, MPA

Senior Research Finance Analyst

Karen Finkelstein MD

Lead Principal Investigator

Preya Wisner DO

Principal Investigator

Aimee Casarez FNP


Jacklyn Chavez PA-C


Gabby Pobar PA-C


Lizbeth Barrios BSN, RN
Sun Kim, PharmD.

Investigational Pharmacist

Denise Wright BSN, RN

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